2019 HOBY NC East Testimonials

"Thank you so much for..your knowledge about leadership. You helped me take so much away from this and truly made my experience better."

 "Thank you so much for helping me gain leadership skills. I will always remember you as someone who helped me grow!" 


"Thank you so much for letting me help lead this weekend. You were great to work with and I am glad you were my facilitator..."

Hey..thank you so much for facilitating this year. Your experience working with youth definitely shows!"

Student Participant***Boys Club M.O.M. Lead Sessions July 2019

 "I like the fact that Pastor Kelvin shared some of his knowledge and taught us a few things."  

S.W.A.T.E.E.N.S. Youth Empowerment 2019 Testimonials

"I liked how it showed us real world things and how you..were so relatable. I would do this again 100%!"

"Great class. Amazing, funny teachers!"

"Funny and smooth!"

Community Testimonials

Durell Petway ***Club Director Raleigh Boys Club

"Pastor Kelvin Lucas has a solid reputation in the school community for coordinating  positive initiatives. He has encouraged parents to volunteer time to serve as a mentor to help promote campus safety.  It has been an honor to have an ongoing collaboration with Pastor Lucas as he serves as an invaluable resource to the youth and their families in our community."

Tim Kay***Athletics Supervisor Wendell Parks & Rec.

"Mr. Kelvin Lucas has been coaching our youth for years. While coaching, Mr. Lucas teaches basketball skills to all participants, and mentors them to do the right thing. Mr. Lucas makes for a great coach because his attitude and demeanor makes him a great role model for the kids, and we are  honored that  he is a part of our organization." 

2019 Youth of the Year Winner*** Wake Forest Boys & Girls Club

 "I would like to thank you for being a part of my story and the enormous family we have at the Club! You are greatly appreciated  by many for your help in the beginning stages of this competition.
You gave me great information which I was  able to use in life and in writing my essays!"

Participant***Financial Tips 101 October 2018

 "The great slides and step by step guide were informative and understandable for me...to follow....awesome presentation!" 

Student Participant***LEAD Academy March 2017

"These sessions taught you how to be a leader and also encouraged us by letting us know that we have the ability to become the next leaders! It was good to have someone from the community teach these sessions because it helped us to understand that leadership isn't just within your school but all over the community and world!"

Student Participant***LEAD Academy March 2017

 "In the program, I learned that leadership is how you use your skills and knowledge to help others.  To be a good leader, you have to be willing to sacrafice!"  

Student Participant***LEAD Academy March 2017

 "As the President of the National Junior Honor Society, this course has shown me that if I want to be a leader, I have to inspire, plan, sacrifice, serve, have perseverance, integrity, and be willing to make the most of what I have."  

Leadership Sessions


Leadership Session #1: My Life Matters

This session offers a practical approach to leadership by emphasizing the participant’s capacity to provide positive ideas and solutions for their community.

Leadership Session #2: The LEAD Approach

The emphasis in this session is to understand how LEAD can be used in problem solving and inspiring others to act.

Leadership Session #3: Character Ed. 101

Session highlights include a discussion on topics such as character, self-esteem and their impact on leadership. 

Leadership Session #4 (2 Part Session): Tips for Your Style

Kelvin shares his experiences  and practical tips from corporate and non-profit management to emphasize the importance of planning, communicating, and decision making as major factors in leading a team.


Entrepreneurship - Let us be REAL 

Identifying and serving the needs of others with humility are key ingredients to entrepreneurship.  This session examines the core of  being an entrepreneur and the benefit it can provide to the marketplace.


Other Sessions

Practical Parenting 101

 From a former PTA President perspective this session emphasizes the important role  parents have in the lives of their children as they engage themselves in the educational process.  It challenges the parent to form positive alliances within the school community that help produce academic and social success.


Transition 101 : Whats's on Your Shelf?

As retailers across the country implement this practice on a regular basis, so can you! Transition is an important part of personal and spiritual growth. This session challenges you to clearance away those things in your life that are unprofitable and welcome in the new opportunities life has in STORE for you. Great for singles and marriage ministries.

Marketing Yourself in the Marketplace

The session focuses on interpersonal leadership, cover letter/resume preparation and interviewing techniques! 

The Importance of Spirituality

This session offers a practical approach to idea of spirituality by discussing the importance of having a relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ. It examines how that relationship can have a positive impact on various areas in life.

The Prayer Productive Zone

Session designed to discuss the importance of prayer and the necessity of the believer to maintain faith and patience. Great for personal growth and conferences and retreats!

Prayer 101

Practical approach to prayer as a means to evaluate what's relevant in your life and having the courage to re-prioritize. 


Sexuality- A Biblical Perspective

The emphasis in this session is to understand the importance of sexuality from a Biblical perspective, while emphasizing the sacredness of the institution of marriage as ordained by GOD. It establishes how a strong spiritual foundation can be an important asset in making sound decisions when managing your sexuality.

The Joseph Example

Session highlights include a discussion from (Genesis 39:1-23) which demonstrates how a man by the name of Joseph, utilized his strong spiritual base to make a wise decision when he was confronted with a sexual temptation. The objective is to emphasize that it is ok to resist a tempting situation and go in the opposite direction. 

The David Example: Managing the Consequences

This session features the initial meeting between King David and Bathsheba and the events that soon followed (2 Samuel 11,12). It examines how the wrong choice in regards to sexuality can have serious consequences and how those consequences can be managed.

Financial Tips 101

A practical approach towards creating a simple budget and establishing and maintaining good credit history. Great for adults!

Financial 101- A Youth Perspective

Designed for middle school and high school youth, this session covers the importance of decision making when it comes to establishing a good financial foundation. From balancing a checkbook to thinking about financial aid for college, this is a must have! 

Youth Entrepreneur

Let those business plans roll!! A great session that offers key elements of a successful business plan. Realistic concept provides participants with  skills that can be applied to practical business models.